Spiritual Support at CSL Tulsa

We are always united in the Oneness of Spirit as love, harmony, wholeness, and abundance.

As we pray, align with the highest truth about the spiritual nature of ALL life, we align with a deeper experience of Oneness, as Spirt operates in, through and as us in Oneness.

Prayer Supporters

At CSL Tulsa, we have two dedicated team members to assist and support you in your spiritual needs. Willeta Lingle, RScP, has been a CSL Practitioner for more than twenty years, and Brad Carlson, RScP can assist you as well. Both have undergone a rigorous training process that incorporatesĀ regular spiritual practices of prayer and meditation. They would be happy to connect with you at a time of convenience for both of you.

Brad Carlson – Practitioner

Willeta Lingle

Willeta Lingle – Practitioner

Request Spiritual Prayer & Treatment

You can request prayer using the form on the bottom of this page.

All prayer requests are held in confidence and loving high faith. Know that the moment you submit your request, Spirit moves to express as that which you or your loved one truly needs. Whether it be healing, divine order, right action, prosperity, employment, harmony or love, we know that all needs are met by and in God.