We welcome you to the Center for Spiritual Living Tulsa, and know that you are here by divine appointment! CSL Tulsa is a spiritual community, and as an Open and Affirming Community, we extend a warm welcome to all people in search of a spiritual home where they are respected and accepted for who they are – we strive to inspire and support each and every person in growing into their highest potential. Center for Spiritual Living Tulsa is a place to make friends, share experiences with like-minded people, and know the power and presence of God in your daily life.

As a spiritual community and way of life, we honor all paths to God. We provide spiritual tools for personal transformation, and it is our intention to help make the world a better place. We lovingly share spiritual principles through a teaching so simple and profound that once understood and applied, ones’ life will never be the same. So powerful because it is not we ourselves who do the work, but the limitless Creative Mind of the Universe working through us.

Tulsa Center For Spiritual Living is proudly Celebrating over 60 Years serving the Tulsa Community! 

Weekly Services every Sunday at 4:00pm

Speaker Schedule

07/07-Phillipa Rosman, 07/14-Chris Myers-Baker, 07/21-Rev Shanna Warner, 07/28 Brad Carlson, RScP

Our CSL Global Theme for this month is Practice Makes Imperfect

As we continue our journey through a grand rising, this month we bring our focus to our beliefs about perfection.  Actually, we are bringing our attention to imperfection.  We all know the phrase “practice makes perfect.”  But, here is the thing… it doesn’t!  When the goal of practice is perfection, what we are really doing is suffocating our experience, cutting it off from that life giving essence. However, if the goal of practice is not perfection but to recognize the beauty and possibilities available to us in imperfection, that is when we begin to create an expansive experience of life.

Services are held every Sunday beginning at 4:00pm CST. Services are in-person located at 3355 S. Jamestown Ave., Tulsa, OK 74135, and also available on Zoom and Facebook Live!

Zoom Information:

Meeting ID: 859 7395 7271

Passcode: 419016