Our Philosophy

We lovingly share spiritual principles through a teaching so simple and profound that once understood and applied, ones’ life will never be the same. So powerful because it is not we ourselves who do the work, but the limitless Creative Mind of the Universe working through us.

The philosophy of New Thought is found within Ancient Wisdom from around the globe. Universal principles within Science, Philosophy and Spirituality come together to give us a clear guide to success in all our endeavors.

Tulsa Center For Spiritual Living is proudly Celebrating 55 Years serving the Tulsa Community! 

Our Minister: Rev Lynne Heygster

I grew up the Annapolis MD area fishing, crabbing, and loving the natural waters, and I have lived in Salt Lake City UT, Tucson AZ, and now reside in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas.  I have been involved with some form of metaphysics and New Thought since my early teens, and have been  a member of the Science of Mind community since 2002.  I knew my first day there I had found my home. I started the classes within a few months and let Spirit guide me to continue. It has led me thru practitioner training, ministerial training and now here to Tulsa CSL.

I licensed as a Practitioner in 2008, graduated from the Holmes School of Spiritual Leadership in 2016 and completed my path of Ordination in 2021.  I live the SOM philosophy and I understand that Spiritual Mind Treatment, Visioning, and Meditation are the tools that changes lives.  Learning how the power of our thought works, changes everything.

I love the consciousness of this community.  We are small but mighty; that I have no doubt about. This center has been held together through thick & thin by passionate loyal members and I am honored to be welcomed in by them. It is my hope and intention to bring a fresh energy, frequency, and an expanded consciousness to this center.

I consider myself and all people multidimensional spiritual beings working to remember who we are and what we are capable of as beings created by the God Source.

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