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Join us for Saturday Celebration Services at 5pm! All are Welcome and invited to attend. All beliefs, all religions. Oneness. Unity. Love. Peace. Joy. Is our motto! Accepting, unconditionally loving, positive community. Minister, Dr. Rev. Suellen Miller

November, 2017 – Dr. Rev. Suellen Miller was recently honored with receiving an honorary Doctorate Degree.

(Rev Marigene DeRusha on the left. Dr. Rev. Suellen Miller, the right.)

Message From Dr. Rev. Suellen Miller:

Are you feeling alone, lost, empty or disconnected? Are you in crisis? Are you lacking fulfillment, looking for answers, healing, and a spiritual home?

At Inner Journey Center for Spiritual Living, you will belong to a like-minded community, a spiritual home, where you can discover peace of mind, healing, inspiration, and live with a personal relationship with God. I look forward to meeting you in person!

We are delighted your spiritual journey has brought you here. We want you to know that whoever you are and wherever you are on your spiritual journey – you are meant for greatness. Our community is dedicated to the unfoldment of your inner purpose. Our classes, music, messages and service opportunities are all designed to support the unfoldment of your spiritual path. We hope you enjoy our new website and find it a valuable resource, please let us know what we can do to further assist your journey. Welcome Home.

Saturday Celebration Messages:

Saturday October 13, 2018  Topic: “God’s Bounty” from Living the Science of Mind, p. 338

Rev. Dr. Suellen Miller, with input from Rev. Suzette Wehunt, Senior Minister Om Center for Spiritual Living, La Mesa CA

Ernest Holmes says “The right use of the Law will set us free but though a “wrong” use of it, we may again be entangled in bondage.  We may wire the building, turn on the electricity, and have light. But if the wire is short-circuited something will go wrong, and we shall again be entangled in the darkness.

The darkness was never a thing itself; it was merely a confused state. The Source of our supply is never cut off, it stopped at our place of confusion and no longer functioned for us.  

We must be aware of the use we are making of the Law of Cause and Effect, we must keep our thought straight. It is not always easy to do this, but the Law of Cause and Effect, being no respecter of persons and always working automatically and mechanically and with mathematical precision, must flow through each one of us in the terms of our own acceptance. When we become confused and short-circuit this acceptance we are cutting ourselves off from its supply… but we do not destroy the supply, it is still there.

Today I want to talk about past experience, resistance, and intentions.

It is natural for us to use the “Past Experiences” to guide us through life. We try something and it works for us, so we do it again. Sometimes we try something and it doesn’t work – or gives us results we don’t want, so we don’t do that again. Or we do it again, and then go “Oh yeah, I remember why I wasn’t going to do that again. When we have some success at some behavior, we are reluctant to release that behavior to try something new – even if that behavior doesn’t work for us any more.

What do we hold onto? How things used to work. “We used to do it this way – take out newspaper ads for example.”  Who reads the newspaper these days?

We hold on to old relationships, because even though we are miserable, we think we know how to be in this relationship, and we have no idea how to NOT be in this relationship – and it’s scary to try to do something different and /or unknown. We may not believe we can afford to NOT be in this relationship.

We hold on to resentments. Someone said or did something that I don’t like, and I can hold it against them.

We hold on to our own ideas of how things “ought to be.”  I want it to be “My way.”

We even hold on to pleasures we like. HMMM. I like vanilla ice cream for example. So much so that I am unwilling to try it with hot fudge on it.   OK. That is an exaggerated example. I really like both. There are people though that are unwilling to try new things.

Yet,  at some point, we begin to realize that anything that happened in the past is in the past,  and it might no longer serves us.  We can come to learn and love a greater Source of Supply, a greater Intelligence and even Greater good.  Releasing the past sets us free to create something better in our future.  There are No Limits, only what we create in our mind.

Our spiritual work is to go within and ask our higher self for direction, to follow the past,or to release it and find a new direction. One wise minister told me to “follow my passion” and allow Spirit to guide and direct me at every stage and when I get confused, to return to the One Source.  It is important to not dwell on what was or currently is, but to listen to the guidance and move forward.  When or if the past comes up, it might be time to consciously nurture and heal that which needs attention.

“If a man takes his images of thought only from his previous experiences, then he continues in the bondage which those previous experiences create. If we talk about discord, we shall become more discordant. The more the world arms for war, the more certain it is that there will be war. People who spend all their time talking about their unhappiness become more unhappy. Jesus understood these great laws of cause and effect in the Universe, which work sometimes with the apparent slowness but always with sureness.  Eventually, we shall understand that all human bondage is an invention of ignorance.” Science of Mind p. 110.3

Stop Resisting Now that is easy to say, but not always easy to do. Has anyone wanted to control a situation or person?  When we do we sometimes separate ourselves and our life, from MORE GOOD.    For those of us who like to “hold on”, sometimes we need a 2X4 effect to move us into a greater expression.  I can only say it is a softer landing if we tap into the infinite source that wants us to experience this Good.  

I have a friend who had a job that she didn’t like. She told everyone she know about how bad she felt her job was, but she didn’t do anything about getting a different job. After some time during which her complaints became more and more vocal, her 2×4 effect came to pass and she was downsized out of her job.

“When Jesus said: “Resist not,“ He meant that non-recognition of evil is the only way to avoid it.  This is true according to the law of cause and effect, for what we persist in recognizing we persist in holding in place.  That which we refuse to recognize, we neutralize, and it is no longer there so far as we are concerned.”  Science of Mind  p. 303. 2

I was at the minister’s conference last week and attended a session called Time to Thrive. Dr. Petra Weldes and Rev. Karen Frye led that session and it began with the question “What is keeping your community from thriving. The results of that question filled two flip chart pages. The first answer was ME (meaning the minister’s consciousness) followed by old ideas, trying to do the same thing over again and expecting different results, the economy, churches are dying, old form, not enough money, not enough advertising, not the right programs, not being relevant, not being social, being too social, and the list went on.

As frequently happens in seminars the next question is “What do you want out of this workshop?” and we filled two more pages.

Before Petra and Karen began sharing the information they had for us, Petra said “the reason your center is not thriving is not because of any of these things on this list, it is because you believe the things on the list.

There is a pattern in the universe that WANTS to CREATE and each one of us are the key, let it move through us daily, hourly, moment by moment.

When we set our Intention, the Universe begins Its work to manifest for us.

“Unless one conceives of himself as possessing good things, he will not possess them.  From the objective world of such a one, even that which he has will be taken away.”  Science of Mind p. 450.2

It is so easy to “think” it through, to “Do” it all, to “control” along the way, but that is the HARD way.  Spirit wants direction from us, wants our “highest and best” to be revealed and lived.  It may come in ways we never imagined, the fruits of our co-creation are to be open to it all and so much more.

In this month’s Science of Mind Magazine (October 2018) Dennis Merritt Jones says:

“The universal principle of abundance plays no favorites. It has no bias and is equally available to every human being on the planet. In fact, we are all using this universal principle all the time – we have no choice – and that is either the good news or the other news, depending on our consciousness. Suffice it to say, we have a role to play. We can influence how the principle of abundance flows by being willing to merge with it consciously, intentionally and faithfully and by giving it specific instructions.

“However, if our faith in ‘not enough’ is stronger than our faith in ‘more than enough,’ we may have a problem. By pursuing prosperity (the effect), we are essentially affirming that there is something fundamentally missing in our lives (which is impossible in a universe that contains All That Is.) The problem with this belief is that it sends precise instructions to an expanding universe that is listening 24/7 – and what we end up manifesting is an abundance of more ‘not enough’ in our lives. We are always becoming cause to our own effect.

“ The law of attraction affirms that, that which we most persistently put our attention on we draw to us. If that is the case, it may be time to focus more on the solution ( the principle of abundance) and less on the problem (scarcity, or the perceived lack of prosperity). The good news is the solution already exists, and it is right in front of us. It’s time to go to the well, rather than the bucket.”

One more thing (and I’ll probably be sharing these things for months to come) that was talked about was the watermark of giving.

Here is the example: Suppose our expenses run $2000 per month, which isn’t far off the mark for Tulsa CSL. Divide that by 4 (yes, I know some months have 5 Sundays) and we get $500. Now divide that by the number of people who attend on Sunday – say 10. And we get $50. That is our watermark. Some give more obviously, and some give less. This is not to make anyone feel bad about what they give, because I know each person gives what they feel they can give.

What I want to do is to ask us to raise our watermark. Let’s hold in consciousness that our watermark as a community goes up. So sit for a moment and feel what is like to give $55 dollars each week and to know that you can do that easily, because money is always flowing to you. See yourself writing that check or going online and making that donation, or pulling cash out of your wallet and putting it in the offering plate. See it. Feel it. Know that it is done.

As Ernest Holmes said “these great laws of cause and effect in the Universe, work sometimes with the apparent slowness but always with sureness.  

By the way, we can use the idea of watermark, or benchmark in other areas, too. Where do we want to see ourselves physically in our future? My blood pressure watermark is 120/80  and I expect to move it to 115/75. Perhaps the goal is to go up the stairs without panting at the top or needing to rest. Or to eat healthy food, or to find that really satisfying work outlet. Use where you are at this moment, and then set a goal that is more in the direction of where you want to go.

When it doesn’t happen exactly like we envision, there is no need to beat ourselves up about it, just reaffirm the goal. When I do not have even the $50 this week, I give what I can, still keeping my eyes on the goal of $55 per week for next week.

Knowing the Universe is for us we can confidently also know “Our Prayer is answered before it is uttered”  Science of Mind, p 154.3.  Let us release the past. It has served us well, and now we want to live the new world where we consciously Co-Create the Life we want.